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Company History

Funding exceptional businesses for the long term is our passion, and that’s
why we are committed to carrying our company’s heritage forward for years
to come.


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Founded on Strong Principles

With the help of 21 banks and eight individual investors, Capital Southwest was organized as a Texas corporation and licensed as a small business investment company with $15 million in assets.


Structured for Success

We qualified as a regulated investment company, avoiding double taxation on
the distribution of dividends.


Reached a Bigger Audience

We became a NASDAQ-listed company, joining the first electronic stock exchange in the world.


Employees Became Owners

We established our employee stock ownership plan, which currently holds 4.9% of outstanding stock.


Built Net Asset Value

We changed ownership dynamics with two company-sponsored cash tender offers to all shareholders at less than the existing net asset value, delivering 49.5% of our shares in 1976 and 8.1% in 1977. A two-for-one stock dividend also repositioned the total shares outstanding.


Proof of Concept

We reached a net asset value of $50 million and achieved appreciation by investing wisely in promising companies.


Continued to Make the Right Investments

We reached a net asset value of $100 million, which was a reflection of the steady growth and development of our portfolio companies.


Helped Businesses Grow

Our long-term perspective allowed our portfolio clients to steadily build value over time, allowing us to reach a net asset value of $500 million.


More Than Money

Forbes named us one of America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies from a field of more than 8,000 publicly traded companies.


Looking Toward the Future

As we celebrated 50 years in business, our net assets were valued at more than 100 times our initial 1961 share price of $1.25. Our successful investment strategy continues.


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